windows server 2008 r2 sp1 enterprise edition x64

On transaction processing workloads, the new Libra 450 has about 60 per cent more performance than the Libra 300, and edition it has twice as much main memory; with.2TB of internal disk, it now has.7 times the storage server space as the Libra 300.
Host 2013 L/L, host 2013 L2/L2, host 2013 XL/XL 1 VM Windows Standard 20,00 /mn.
Host Enterprise L/L, host Enterprise XL/XL, host Infrastructure XL/XL.
At the high-end and upper midrange of the Unisys product line are custom cmos processors designed by Unisys and manufactured by IBM Microelectronics that have the high single-threaded performance on batch jobs that mainframe customers need.Daugiau kaip 3 VM Windows Standard arba daugiau kaip 1 VM Windows Datacenter 130,00 /mn.(72,60 su PVM) 120,00 /mn.A CPM is not analogous to server a virtual machine or software server container, but more like a subsystem on an IBM mainframe or proprietary minicomputer."Our strategy is based on moving to Intel-based platforms, from the bottom to the top says Maclean, and this is something Unisys has said was the plan for the past several years.(157,30 su PVM) 260,00 /mn.If you want all the capacity turned on and to use performance-based pricing, then the 225 mips box with all the bells and whistles and software will server run you.5m.This involves mapping instruction lookahead and doing sophisticated pipeline management and data prefetching to parallelize batch work in the emulation firmware underneath MCP and OS 2200, so future Intel chips can deliver enterprise the batch performance Unisys mainframe shops expect.The full Xeon line for MCP will happen sooner, but it will take a few more years to do it for OS 2200, which edition has a totally different I/O structure and which has some more demanding batch workloads. Being a services company, Unisys is also happy to charge mainframe shops for appraisal and TCO assessment services so they get the most out of their iron and offer integration services to make ClearPath boxes speak to other applications and devices.
Up to two of the cores on the Libra 460 can be setup as gaming these special processors.
From its Burroughs heritage comes chase the Libra family with their Master Control Program (MCP) operating system, and from the Sperry-Univac side comes the Dorado redhead family with their OS 2200 episodes operating system.For transaction processing workloads, the current midrange Libra and Dorado machines using Xeon gaming processors can already match the high-end Libra and Dorado machines using the cmos engines, he says, but on batch workloads, that's a different story entirely.(24,20 su PVM) 40,00 /mn.The JProcessor runs Java and PHP runtimes outside of (but tightly coupled with) the MCP environment, while the Crypto doro Processor does encryption and decryption for MCP workloads.Unisys is a little more forthcoming about its mainframe pricing than IBM is, and says computer that an entry configuration with that 40 mips and with user-based pricing for a handful of users has a five year total cost of acquisition of 31,000, including hardware and.