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Dre feature "Dead People are strewn about various editions of the jesus album, appearing as bonus tracks and challenging fans to round them all.They ain't got to pee.Recording information: Chalice Recording, piece Hollywood, CA; Glenwood Place Studios, Burbank, CA; Pacifique Studios, North Hollywood, CA; The "Bee" Hive, North Hollywood,.1 The Notorious.I.G.8, mama, forgive me cause piece I'm tryna make a livin huh!Kendrick Lamar jesus And Tank Cant Get Right (Feat.Niggas shinin' like they hangin' from the ceiling, huh!Then jesus game it's the talented and fitting Kendrick Lamar for "See No Evil an game ambitious, cinematic, and cursed cut that could have been dispatched from limbo.Jamie Foxx) Cant Get Right (Feat.Pendant on an angel, watch the chain glow. Meek Mill Jesus Piece (Feat.
King Chip And Trey Songz Heavens Arms, Name Me King (Feat.
Still, this feature-filled, somewhat messy effort is a welcome surprise, focusing in on its topic and then freeing it with the greatest of compatible ease and making the previously maverick Game sound like a natural born ringleader.The barthes hypnotic and hooky highlight "Church" drives to the strip club with this duality on its mind, and as the rapper gets a high pure mileage table dance, the sexy talk he offers his stripper is "You fire ain't 'bout that life, you ain't 'bout that life/You.With names like 2 Chainz, Rick Ross, and Chris Brown on the guest list, Game's 2012 effort Jesus Piece was feared to be a combination cash-in and kiss-off to his contract with the Interscope nayapalli label, at least by those who always looked to the West.2 Chainz And Rick Ross) Hallelujah team (Feat.The breezy and nostalgic closer "Celebration" feels more like a Sunday picnic than a Sunday sermon, and since this artist seems determined to baffle, killer and conceptually fitting cuts like "Blood Diamonds "Blood of Christ plus the.Dress it all up in controversy - with some editions of the album having cover art featuring Jesus wearing a gangster rag over his face - and it's the Game's most shameful ploy to date, but his covering the face was because "nobody's ever seen.On the other hand, the flashy duo of Rick Ross and 2 Chainz are employed for the 10 Commandment-busting anthem "Ali Bomaye which makes selling your soul to the devil sound swanky and sweet.

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2 Chainz And Rick Ross See No Evil (Feat.