rocketdock icons windows 8

There will be rocketdock a message saying 'Windows can't create a shortcut here.
Maybe change icon and icons label as you icons like.
You can move it somewhere else if you don't want to have it on windows your icons desktop (which would make RocketDock quite redundant).Do you want the shortcut to be placed on the desktop instead?'.Click Yes, there will be a new shortcut on your desktop to this app.Requirements: Windows 8,.1 or 10, ribbons rocketdock disabled, only needed on Windows 8 and.1.You'll need these for the icon.Drag this shortcut into RocketDock, open its windows icon settings.Of course, without the"tion marks.Solution by me, add an empty icon to your dock (if haven't already) and open its settings.Exe' into the 'Target' box and type rocketdock 'C:Windows' into the 'Start in' box.Check 'AppUserModelId' and press 'OK'. But how about launching Windows 8 Modern and Windows 10 Universal apps with it?
Change the quickbooks view to 'Details'.We are creating many vector patch designs in our studio (bsgstudio).The new designs will be published rocketdock daily.Of course amphitheater there are alternatives such as XWindowsDock, but I experienced very weird serial happenigs on Windows 8 (browsers didn't work properly and most Win8 apps couldn't start).Type the following into the 'Arguments' box: shell:AppsFolder* the ID of the app best you want to launch with this icon.You just simply do the shortcut trick on a RocketDock icon.If just an Explorer window patch (showing your 'Documents' directory) opens, you might have typing errors in the.Alternative solution by lteijeiro, start 'Run' (by pressing windowsr type in 'shell:AppsFolder' and press enter.

Now go back to the icon settings you've opened.
Replace 'C with the letter of the drive, you have Windows installed.
Insert rocketdock icons windows 8 the following at the beginning of the 'Target' box' value: 'shell:AppsFolder'.