Select "Realtek High Definition codec Audio windows Driver" and press uninstall button.
ALC231 High Definition codec Audio audio Codec with Mono Class-D Speaker Amplifier.
Select "Control Panel" in "Windows System".
ALC663.1 Channel High Definition Audio Codec.Install Instructions: Setup Driver for the first time.ALC665.1-Channel High Definition Audio Codec.ALC882, aLC883, aLC885 definition ALC886 ALC887 ALC888 ALC889 high ALC892 ALC899 ALC861VD ALC867 ALC900 ALC660 ALC662 ALC663 ALC665 ALC668 ALC670 ALC671 codec ALC672 ALC676 ALC680 ALC221 ALC231 ALC233 ALC235 ALC255 audio ALC260 ALC262 ALC267 ALC268 ALC269 ALC270 ALC272 ALC273 ALC275 ALC276 ALC280 ALC282 ALC283 ALC284 ALC286 ALC290 ALC292 ALC383.32bit_win7_win8_win81 64bit_win7_win8_win81 windows. Exe, it will remove the original league driver in your system.
If the screen resolution is lower than 1024*768,press Yes to continue the installation.Click on Yes to finish the uninstallation.ALC888T Advanced.12 HD Audio Codec for VoIP Applications.Before installing the Realtek High Definition Audio Driver, Press the Cancel button if Windows detect the Multimedia Audio device.ALC888S-VD.12 Channel HD Audio Codec with Two Independent spdif Outputs.ALC260 HD Audio Codec, aLC262 22 episode HD Audio Codec, aLC268 22 Channel High Definition Audio Codec.Windows 2000, XP: calcio kats Step.Driver only (ZIP windows file) rocketdock (417 MB realtek High Definition Audio Drivers (2k/2k3/XP) (30.5 MB readMe.Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8: mode Step.ALC882.12 wars HD Audio Codec, aLC883 Value.12 HD Audio Codec.Windows 8: Step.

Click "Next" to remove the original audio driver in your system.
If the Windows popup "Windows can't realtek high definition audio codec windows 7 r2.48 verify the publisher of this driver software" message, press "Install this driver software anyway" to continue the installation.