proxyway anonymous surfing 1.9

Free ProxyWay Anonymous Surfing's multifaceted main window lets you proxyway create proxyway a proxy list for proxyway Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Netscape, and proxyway Opera, then checks them for high, transparent, or unknown proxyway anonymity levels.
ProxyWay Pro is the first proxy tool that improves your work with CGI proxy servers (web proxy servers).Includes proxy management system: proxy finder (search proxies http/https/socks proxy checker (check proxy list/proxies checking proxy manager (makes proxy chains/cascades).Using "Export proxies" feature you can create custom proxy list selecting the fields and delimiters you need and export it to *.txt or *.html format.While it is free, you won't find difficulty in surfing locating an IP masker with fewer hoops.A painstakingly long visit to the program's help file is a must-just to get a jumpstart.Read more, in this article, well walk you through our testing process and explain why anonymous certain factors are important. I expect all websites I visit to have excellent user interface and experience, and if they dont - I get disappointed.
ProxyWay prevents visited sites and other third parties from detecting information about your surfing computer (User-Agent, Referrer field).
You can also export/import proxies lists to/from local files using "export proxy" and "import proxy" features.
You can hide/change IP address, block Referrer field.History clearing - Protects your Internet and computer activity from other people monitoring by removing the following traces: remove diaries traces of computer and Internet activity (delete Temporary Internet files, clear Internet history, delete cookies, clear Clipboard, clear Recent Documents).You can easily configure different browsers/applications to work through ProxyWay surfing - you stay anonymous when you visit web sites, download files, send emails, etc.Choose the right proxies for Facebook to fit your needs.Surf Anonymous Free -.38.ProxyWay protects privacy by removing tracks of your computer and Internet activity.Ads Popup blocking - Ads Popup blocking technology lets you block certain sites, immediately stop and kill annoying windows popups and eliminate ads.Using ProxyWay Pro you can prevent web sites you visit from knowing personal information about you and ensure anonymous surfing.Yet, you only need to know some main things to get the gist.You install only need to specify URL(s) of proxy crazy web site where proxy lists are located and ProxyWay Pro will automatically find proxy list.Using ProxyWay Pro you can create proxy services with any number of proxy servers in the chain (supports http proxies, https proxies, socks4 proxies, socks5 proxies, socks5 with Authentication proxies, CGI proxies) to provide IP address security proxyway and tunnel Internet activity through proxy servers.To begin, you'll manually input proxies or enter a URL where proxies can be located automatically.Allows update proxy list automatically using scheduler.Proxy checker module supports multithreaded proxy checking that allows only you to check up to 5 proxies simultaneously.