Oracle_termxterm; export oracle_term, oracle_owneroracle; export oracle_owner, export TNS_admin.
Export NLS_lang, export ORA_NLS33, export LD_library_path # see jsdk: export classpath # Set up java and oracle jsdk environment: export java_home/usr/local/jdk export jsdk_home/usr/local/jsdk, client export classpath # Set up the search paths: pathpath usr/local/samba/bin export path.
Please run the script in /tmp/ with root previleges and retry the silent installation.The fix: export LD_assume_kernel2.4.1 (note: export LD_assume_kernel2.4.21 did not work in this case: uname -r.6.9-67.ELsmp./runInstaller -silent -responsefile initializing client Java Virtual Machine from Please wait.If your kernel parameter settings are insufficient for Oracle9i, you will experience problems oracle during installation and instance startup.Before running this scripts adjust the initSID.So it is correct that since in this case, it is rhel4, it should be from., not.4.21.Review the current semaphore parameter values in the sem file using the cat or more utility # cat sem The output client will list, in order, the values for the semmsl, semmns, semopm, and semmni parameters.Liunx Kernel Version.4 rpm -q kernel kernel-2.4.7-10, system Libraries rpm -q glibc glibc-2.2.4-19.3, proc*C/C rpm -q gcc gcc-2.96-98, create Unix Group «dba» oracle groupadd -g 400 dba, create Unix User «oracle» useradd -u 400 -c "Oracle Owner" -d /home/oracle -g "dba" -m -s /bin/bash oracle.453288 linux KB 0:00:00, 475827 linux KB 0:00:00.Sles8, sles9.4.21, rHEL5, OEL5, sles10 Should not be set.In Component Locations Page, in Summary Page, inside isCluster, bCluster bfr return is : false. To record silent mode installation script:./runInstaller -record -destinationFile /tmp/p, the offline recording session hang up when it was 63 complete when doing copying naeet.
Su root mkdir /cdrom mount -t iso9660 /dev/cdrom /cdrom exit.D/lsnrora* Setup Kernel Parameters ( if necessary ) Oracle9i uses unix resources such as shared memory, swap space, and german semaphores extensively for interprocess communication.O mentions to do: export LD_assume_kernel2.4.21 which did not work in offline this case.Lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root S99dbora -./init.The parameters in the following training table are the minimum values required to run Oracle9i with a single database instance.Please note, that some Parameters like oracle_home, oracle_SID and keygen path must be adjusted on your own Environment.The greater the amount german of data you can store in memory, the faster your database will operate.565380 KB 0:00:00, 326988 KB 0:00:00, 602764 KB 0:00:00.The following example shows how the output will appear.The best way to download the huge files is to use the tool GetRight ( m/ ) cd somewhere cpio -idmv Linux9i_Disk1.cpio cpio -idmv Linux9i_Disk2.cpio capacity cpio -idmv Linux9i_Disk3.cpio Now you should have three directories (Disk1, Disk2 and Disk3) containing installation files.Use the ipcs command to obtain a list of the systems current shared memory and semaphore segments, and their identification number and owner.Review the current shared memory parameters using the cat or more utility.Or Unpacking downloaded installation files If you downloaded database installation files from Oracle site ( Linux9i_Disk1.cpio.In Product Registration Page, in unix Group Name Page, inside isCluster, bCluster bfr return is : false.Inside isCluster, bCluster bfr return is : false.