Ready to learn, lesson 8 16, ready to learn, lesson 8 Pronunciation.
Emphasizing the basic skills of reading, writing, speaking, and listening, with supplementary exercises, many illustrations, charts, and in a larger reader 8 x 11 format.Or if you reader only vaguely remember the word, click the question mark and it will remain at the current level.Ready to learn, lesson 4 8, ready to learn, lesson 4 Pronunciation.Lu Yuping (land / book rain / flat).The text follows reader the story of Ding chinese Libo (the son of Gubo and Ding Yun from the first edition) and other international students as they live in China, learning about Chinese culture and society as they learn contemporary Mandarin.Other books are available as add-on packs.Keep working until all words reach book the highest level!Cntng dining hall; restaurant zài to be (here, chinese there, in, on, at) qù (to chinese go) yóuyng (to swim) zuótin (yesterday) jngjù (Beijing opera) qù (to go) yóuyng (to swim) to know somebody (rènshi) happy, pleased (goxìng) tall (go) may (ky) to know somebody (rènshi) happy.Libo (force / wave you (n good; (ho) (rènshi) to know (somebody) (goxìng) happy; pleased (ky) may (jìnlai) to come in (rènshi) to know (somebody) (goxìng) happy; pleased mother river knowledge geography mother river. This pack circuit contains all the lessons for the New Practical Chinese Reader book.
See (you) again, goodbye idea, suggestion to episode welcome study wall idea, suggestion to welcome (qù) (yóuyng) (zuótin) (jngjù) to go to swim yesterday Beijing opera (qù) to go (yóuyng) to swim You (n) Good; (ho) Interrogative particle for question expecting a chinese yes/no answer I;.If not, click the cross icon and it will be shown again for a shorter time.1, ready to learn, monitor lesson 1 2, ready to learn, lesson 1 Pronunciation.It does not run by itself., chinese flashcard is a simple yet very effective method to learn technical a language.See (you) again, goodbye tóng xué men.You will be reminded when words need to be reviewed.Ready to learn, lesson 9 18 Ready to learn Lesson 9 Pronunciation book 19 Ready to learn Lesson 10 20 Ready to learn Lesson 10 Pronunciation 21 Ready to learn Lesson 11 technical 22 Ready to learn Lesson 11 Pronunciation 23 Ready to learn Lesson.Hello, teacher.About the New Practical Chinese Reader book: The first volume of the long-awaited revised edition of the popular Practical Chinese Reader series are finally available!Ready to learn, lesson 7 14, ready to learn, lesson 7 Pronunciation.