mapsource trip & waypoint manager version 2.02

Fixed an issue manager where MapSource would manager crash with certain address searches.
Added preference settings for version Distance/Speed, Heading, Altitude, Position Format, and Map Datum.Changed the route properties dialog to have a mapsource cancel button and a close box.Added code to prevent MapSource from loading improperly formed routes from GPS Devices version (those routes that have a route node as the first waypoint, a known issue in some GPS Devices).Also, display a warning for trip each of those cases.Fixed issue on the 'find places' dialog with the reset mapsource button not properly clearing fields.Added user preference settings for the new finder capabilities to a Find tab in the preferences dialog.Added support for vertical profiles of routes on maps that support vertical route profile information. MapSource supports transferring map mapsource sets up to 4 GB in size.
Changes made from version.06.00: Added support for new City Navigator product.
Added artificial reef and oil rig map symbols.Fixed issue where columns in the track dialog list control sometimes were improperly hidden.Also raised the maximum speed to allow more flexibility for the user in route planning.Fixed an issue where a users data selection on the map was not visible in the user data list.Modified MapSource to not draw overlapping, adjacent trackpoints at all zoom scales.Fixed loss of mixed-case characters when transferring routes to some USB devices.Fixed manager issue where vertical route profiler could fail on extremely long routes.Change to more gracefully handle the case manager where a user transferring maps to a Palm doesnt have enough hard-drive space.Fixed issue with manager parking waypoint and rest-area labels not showing up properly in some NT maps.Fixed an issue with some devices not turning off after transfers.Fixed issue where MapSource would fail on start-up if the registry contained an invalid key.Changed FileOpen so that if the current file is chosen, the user can either keep his/her changes or replace the file with the one on disk.

Fixed a problem mapsource trip & waypoint manager version 2.02 that caused waypoint symbols to be incorrectly imported from PCX5 files.
Changed the logic in the driving directions generation software to better discriminate between the need for a u-turn and a sharp left/right turn' in appropriate conditions.