He tells him to resort get lost.
Many previous episodes resort of House featured patients that reflect a episode part of him, but what makes this one particularly dangerous resort is that the patient reflect's House callous disregard in his search for the truth, even if it means putting someone's episode life at risk.
House slaps the patient and last realizes that he has calcium deficiency.House then tells the patient to spit on the floor.House realizes it must be a disease with a very long incubation period.However, Thirteens willingness to risk her own life makes House wonder if her reckless streak may turn fatal as each additional injection brings her kidneys closer to failure.Main content, sorry, this episode is not currently available.The patient reacts in pain to the injection as well.A beautiful tropical island is the backdrop resort to a real-life soap opera as five long-term couples take part in a bold social experiment in an attempt to save their troubled relationships. House answers and full asks for something to game confirm the scleroderma.
However, the drug slows the heart rate, and slowing the heart rate of someone who already has game a normal heart rate is dangerous.And theres a truth out there.House appears to be proven wrong when it seems that Thirteen will not be coming back and the patient acts ducktales as if super he's about to shoot the boy, but full the nurse yells game for the patient to shoot her instead.House gives the migraine-sufferer premium the injection anyway.The police rush.

House last resort episode 4 yells back at Thirteen that he's only arrogant, that's she's the coward for trying to shorten her own life, giving her the illusion of control.
Thirteen collapses in pain.