la corda d'oro secondo passo episodes

Overall 8, story 6, animation 9, sound 9, character 7, enjoyment 9, this is my first episodes review.
After picking and episodes episodes restringing the violin, Tsuchiura helps Hino doro on tuning the violin though it doesn't sound good.Seeing how great Tsukimori and passo Tsuchiura's performance level, Hino corda has felt that she is never going to be as good as them.The new principal decides to form an ensemble out of the participants in the contest, but excludes only Kahoko.They both played Gavotte there.Afterwards, Hino was informed that she needs an accompanist for the first selection.Hihara and Tsuchiura plays Entertainer secondo to get the attention of people so that they can handout the flyers.At the rest house, episodes Yunoki tells Hino to go to the entrance hall after dinner.Tsuchiura tells Hino to forget their arguments, and the two take the stage.Lili, seeing her neglect her studies, takes away her violin until after the mid terms. Tsukimori informs Tsuchiura disdainfully that general education students have windows no right to say anything about music.
Then Shimizu asks Hino if she can runtime listen to his music.Kaji faces the stage again and plays beautifully with secondo everyone, after Hino plays her violin in Ousaki's place.21 "Once More, Andante" Transcription: "M Ichido, doro Andante" ( Japanese : ) February 25, 2007 TBA Hino asks Tsukimori how to restring violins.She wishes strongly to the magic violin to help her have a good performance, causing the strings to snap during her performance.Character 7/10, as said above, three new characters were added in this mini-series, although they are not developed to the point of windows reaaaaly liking or reaaaaly disliking them ninja (I know, I know, just 2 episodes).She doesn't play anymore saying that she doesn't have the right to play and love the violin.While Amou asks Hino which one of the five she likes the guys look waiting for her answer until Azuma comes and makes eavesdropping done for.He was asked to help cheer up a dolphin by playing the violin.Hino wants to go sight seeing but doesn't know where to start so Hihara asks her to go with him to the park.He plays a song just for her while the flowers secondo bloom.Before dinner, Tsuchiura asks Hino to accompany him.She says she doesn't while crying then runs out.She meets Shimizu there.Therefore, he confronts her.These videos are also for the current episode.

After the performances by Tsuchiura and Hino, Tsukimori goes to the waiting room to calm his nerves as he is performing last.
2 3, two pieces of theme music were used for the first la corda d'oro secondo passo episodes season of the anime; The opening theme was "Brand New Breeze performed.