horizon view agent direct-connection plugin

The final horizon step horizon is the end user must connect view to the right desktop.
If you have direct-connection enough bandwidth then it plugin might be possible for them to connect to the Connection Server at the main office where you also have your horizon ESXi server.
This is also the server that contains the admin console and it is the broker that sends your users to the correct virtual desktop.
The next step is to configure which users are allowed to work with the virtual desktop.2 VM Photoshop.That would also mean you have to deploy a Connection Server there, which means it will be a new View Instance, since the connection between Connection Servers cannot be on links that have more than 5 ms latency.Exe, and by specifying certain parameters it enables the user to set the connecting protocol, screen resolution and.I installed the View agent from the command line: /v VDM_skip_broker_registration1, the /v VDM_skip_broker_registration1 segment was necessary because I wanted agent to connect to the virtual desktop using html in addition to the Horizon client.The VM needed a reboot after installing the View agent. This is called a horizon Direct Connection - the horizon opposite of using a tunneled connection - and plugin it's up to the administrator to decide which type of connection to use.
Setting the screen resolution.
In order to connect to my View 7 desktop direct-connection without setting up a Horizon linux View 7 Connection Server, I used View Direct Connect Agent Plugin, which comes with Horizon View.
The Windows Horizon client is instantiated from a program called vmware-view.A reboot isn't required after installing commands the plugin.Once my VM booted, I installed VMware tools and the Horizon agent.Assign which users can work with virtual desktops.This is not something you want to use in a large-scale linux deployment because you will have to take care of users-to-desktops connections manually.Rob Bastiaansen, published:, vMware introduced a new component in Horizon View version.3: The Direct-Connection Plugin.