83) How are answers heights of land expressed?
(upsc 2013, Civil Services, Paper 1) Thermal difference between land and questions water Variation in geography altitude between continents and oceans Presence of strong winds in geography the geography interior Heavy rains in the interior as compared to coasts Select the correct answer using questions the codes given below.63) The latitude questions of Arctic Circle: Answer:.5 degrees north.54) The rocky crust of the earth on which we live is called: Answer: Lithosphere.38) The greatest ocean depth found in: Answer: The Mariana trench in the Pacific Ocean.Answer: Matterhorn in Alps. 49) Explain the shape of Earth: Answer: full It is questions slightly coromant flattened at the serial Poles and bulges slightly at the Equator.
31) game Give basic an example of periodic wind: Answer: Monsoon.5) Which are the six layers in the atmosphere divided on the basis of the distance from the surface of the earth?Follow Below Link p, for More Enquiry about the Free Waec 2014 Expo and Runs.91) Which is considered as the origin of the earth?12) Name given to the widened river mouth found at the point a river enters the sea?28) What is a hurricane?

Question is fundamental geography questions and answers 2014 and current affair.
Answer: A crop that i9 not a food crop; it is grown for sale to manufacturers who convert it into products.
20) The average thickness of earth: Answer: 30-35.