And that's the full point: I don't think it is dying.
It's not a real-time, live connection, so it's not taking up a lot of bandwidth.
This helped games us get full to that windows place where we went to the publishers and they said yes, in a big marketplace way.
It will launch on November 15.And if I were to make that choice again today, would I go the same way?We don't see any games of that revenue.And we focused on the areas first that were practically non-existent on the.So that's where I think a lot of the power is going to come from in the long run, because if you really are that member of a gaming marketplace community, this is going to help reduce piracy. Shack: So the Marketplace consists of this desktop park application, and you game can nhat grab demos, videos and downloadable content.
And also on m, there's a uable system adviser which lets you look at a game and it will analyze your system and talk about what pieces that will give you the biggest bang for upgrading.
So not knowing that in advance, we kind of have to manager manage whatever that situation might.
Conveniently, I recently had the chance to sit down and throw a number of questions at Games for Windows general manager Chris Early and marketing manager Michael Wolf.How is this new Marketplace going to work?Chris Early: Well, first off, we're not analysts, but looking at the analysts, I am very heartened by the numbers I see.Shack: Piracy is obviously the big issue with PC gaming these days.Shack: You were trip saying, "When we get to the place where we sell games eventually"?Shack: A number of weeks ago, the Grand Theft Auto IV PC port was announced as a Games for Windows Live exclusive, and I could never get anyone to tell me what exactly that meant.Shack: So this is your DLC effort, and rolling out the infrastructure, and then that will come next.Shack: So you'll be serving park all of this content up through Live?Turn the page for more.I've talked to some publishers who are already thinking hundreds of megabytes for a piece of DLC.You can do a game invite for something, you can communicate, do voice chat, messages, and.The more we build the social structure around Live, the more it makes you want to be a member of this community, the better off we do for piracy, because park it's difficult to play a pirated game on Live.I'd have to call him up and say, "Hey are you busy and go back to that old-fashioned way.Check out this collection of games from indie developers.