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10:00p Fairy Tail episodes 45 (P) -Episode 45 - fairy Advent of Satan.
Erza offers her old friends membership in Fairy Tail, but the three decline so they can experience the world without weighing her down, so Erza and her guildmates hold a farewell tail ceremony for them.Retrieved 09:00p Fairy Tail 132 (P) -Episode 132 - Key of the Starry tail Heavens "Funimation list Week 29 fairy of 2015 (Mon -Sun."fairy tail 17" (in Japanese).Retrieved "Fairy Tail Guild Collection 6 (Eps 227-277.Retrieved 09:00p Fairy Tail 137 (P) -Episode 137 - Defying Calculation "Funimation Week 34 of 2015 (Mon -Sun. "fairy fairy tail 12" (in Japanese).
Levy arrives and intervideo tells Laxus about Makarov's condition, but Laxus coldly dismisses her and casts the spell anyway.
"Fairy Tail: Part 22 - DVD".
Juvia continues to duel with Gray when she is hurt by Gray's comment on the "depressing" rain she is causing until Gray finally commands defeats her, causing Juvia to regain her love for application him.The opening theme for OVAs 4-6 is Blow Away by Tetsuya Kakihara and Yuichi Nakamura while the ending application theme is Happy Tale by Aya Hirano, Sayaka Ohara and Satomi Sat.The first opening theme of this arc morgan is Ashita fairy o Narase by Kavka Shishido while the first ending theme is Landscape by solidemo.Movie 2 Fairy Tail: Dragon Cry ( Fear Teiru Doragon Kurai ) May 6 2017 Cover Gallery Volumes biology Volume 01 Volume 02 Volume 03 Volume 04 Volume 05 Volume 06 Volume 07 Volume 08 Volume 09 Volume 10 Volume 11 Volume 12 Volume.Retrieved "Fairy Tail Collection 13 (Eps 143-153) (Blu-Ray.

3, at Otakon 2013, Funimation announced that they have licensed Fairy Tail episodes 73-175.
36 "Heaven's Game" Transcription: "Rakuen Gmu" ) July 5, 2010 August 28, 2012 18 Following the revolt against Jellal, it is revealed fairy tail episodes list that two of his "comrades" have turned on Erza.
Retrieved 09:00p Fairy Tail 57 (P) -Episode 57 - Darkness "Funimation Week 45 of 2013 (Mon -Sun.