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You know the fonts on your engraver line machine probably is just a single vector line and the engraver follows the line thus adding both sides.
I think you'll have to do a rough drawing of what single you're looking for using some image editing program, and post it in this thread.
With most true type fonts I line get an outline line of each letter and I only want one line for each letter.Then concentrate on understanding what a vector is en last but not least try to understand what a computer/digital font.Without mumbling about the caps?I was going to suggest that.Testimonials, i am amazed!If you magnify this font that you are reading, it is not a single line.It works great at engraving six and eight points, but there are white slivers in the spacer glyph at larger point sizes.There is .rar engraving file.I have read on forums of different CAM software, that people often find line this difficult. Such a single beautiful font and when they font don't require additional time tweaking the spacing, I can't help but love them.
For fonts nouvelle she need some work at the technical end, mainly with smoothing edges, but the designs for her fonts, (she also did peach sundress) g are very fresh and interesting visually.Edited serial on Apr 29, 2010 at 20:43 by metaphasebrothel What bilbo22 font is looking for is a font where the letter shapes are made with a single line a line that he can follow cfginstaller with his engraver tool and make different thicknesses by engraving deeper.When you use them they will truly cut in a single line.Six to eight points is the optimum size.Of course font you will lose some details but It's an idea. They will auto install, and because of windows the name I gave them, will appear at the top of your fonts list.These fonts add a polished look to my cards scrapbook pages!".I do a lot of very small sized, 1/4 inch and less, and always look at the finished cut magnified to see how clean. .