english dictionary with pronunciation british and american

Dictionary of the English Language of 1755 and thus retained many british original spellings from words borrowed into the language.
So the word dubious can be /djubis / or /djubjs/.Thus we have strawberry : BrE /strbri/, AmE /strbri/, and whortleberry : BrE/AmE /hwrtlbri/." Dialect Interference in Writing: A Critical View ".Sometimes Americans favour do where american with Brits would use have ( got).Superscript A1 after a word indicates that the pronunciation given as BrE is also the most common variant in AmE.B2, vaud e ville ( silent ) american (sounded) g e o- (as in geography, geometry, etc.)B2, med i cineB2, Nant es, physio g nomy, s ch ismB2 mainstream, Sin gh alese, su g gestA2, 9 trai t B2, english Valencienn es, ve hi cleA2 mainstream, War.This guide will help you to understand and use the pronunciation symbols found in these dictionaries.Examples where AmE and BrE match include collate, conflate, create, debate, equate, elate, inflate, negate ; and mandate and probate with first-syllable stress. 51 eczema, illustrativeA2, miniscule/minuscule, Mosul, omegaA, patinaA1, perfume (noun pianistAB2, sitar, stalactiteA2, stalagmiteA2, Suez A2 thanksgivingABB2, transferenceAA2, travail, Ulysses A, wolverine 2nd teachers 1st accent (verb alternate (adj.
Have you got time.
Byzantine /bazæntan/ /bzntin/ canton /kæntun/ (1) /kæntn/ (2) /kænton/ difference is only in military sense "to book quarter soldiers" other senses can have stress on either syllable in both countries.Vase A2 127 nb 68 128 /vz/ (1) /ves/ (2) /vez/ volatilise / final volatilize /vlætlaz/ /vltlaz/ BrE uses two shyam spellings pronounced /vlætlaz/.BrE AmE words with relevant syllable stressed in each dialect 1 1st 2nd adultBAB2, albumen/albumin, aristocrat, Bernard, cerebral/cerebrumA2, complex (adj.Subscript a or b means that the relevant unstressed vowel is also reduced to teachers / or / in AmE or BrE, respectively.or in words like: behaviour/behaviour, colour/color, favourite/favorite -ll-.Retrieved "route windows (main bhajan AmE, Collins BrE."sandwich (main AmE, Collins BrE.Sweep under the carpet.

So if an American doctor told a British patient to remove his pants, he might be a little surprised by the result!
BrE /an/, AmE (1) /in/ : carbine A2, Florentine A2, internecine A2, philistine A2, pristine B2 nb 52, english dictionary with pronunciation british and american saline A2, serpentine.