dragon ball z supersonic warriors 2 game pc

They are each listed with their name and appearance according warriors to level ex: Name (Lv1, Lv2, warriors Lv3 YOU need TO unlock them.
Load Game, release year: 2005 Players: 1 player multiplayer Developed by Cavia Inc.
The only way to erase the data is game to corrupt.When you find that you have enough skills, fight game in Challange Mode ball and face most difficult challenges!Maximum Mode : A hard mode for advanced players that is unlocked after completing Z battle mode.This is the second Dragon Ball Z fighting game to feature " New Planet Vegeta " as a playable stage.For example, "A" on ball the game console is mapped to "Z" Key on your keyboard.Vs Battle Mode : Two players can compete against each other as any character.There are various warriors modes to choose from which can help bring up the player's character roster and award dragon power when unlocked.After finishing, the player receives infinite dragon power and if one has Super Vegeta unlocked, Majin Vegeta will be playable while pressing RA while selecting Super Vegeta. If you want, supersonic you can version also supersonic change key bindings (gamepad icon).
Story Mode : One can setup play as one of the 15 playable characters through latest their scenarios, both from the original.
Default Keyboard Mapping, inside The Game, your Keyboard.
Supersonic Warriors 2 is a 2D warriors fighting game where the player chooses a team of three to fight game bros against an enemy or another team.Captain Ginyu (Normal for all three, but can summon Jeice for a Certain Kill at 2, and Recoome and Guldo at level 3).Special attacks can be can be performed in a simple way.Other characters, king Piccolo, tien Shinhan, guldo.In America, reception was average.

Despite the rest of the Ginyu Force not appearing as playable characters, Captain Ginyu can still summon Guldo (using his Psycho Triangle, a variation of his Full Power Energy Blast Volley Recoome (using his Recoome Eraser Gun Jeice dragon ball z supersonic warriors 2 game pc (using his Crusher Ball and Burter (using.
Gohan (Teen (Super Saiyan Teen (Super Saiyan 2 Ultimate Gohan).