Release tenkaichi Date : October 19, 2010 Publisher : Namco Bandai Genre: Fighting Download ISO 2parts 1gb Continue to Download Dragonball: Evolution PSP Release Date : April 08, 2009 Publisher : Namco Bandai Developer : Dimps Genre: Fighting Download ISO 1part .
Dragon Ball Z: Tenkaichi Tag Team PSP.
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Prometheus ISO loader installed, follow this guide: Installing the Prometheus ISO loader on your PSP.ISO 1Part 119mb, continue to Download.This post is a compilation of games that either work team or dont work with the.Developer : Sumo Digital, genre: Racing, team download.Genre : Fighting, download.The, prometheus ISO loader by Liquidzigong is currently at team version.1, this makes for some incompatibilities with some of the older (and at times newer) games.Most tenkaichi of the updates youll be tenkaichi seeing are from the comments by other PSP users so youll be getting the most up-to-date information possible. Que Sabes de tu Pais (Spain) 1,823 Show Next.
Developer: Team17 Software / scee, genre : Puzzle Action, download.
If you still dont have the.Prometheus ISO loader for the PlayStation Portable. .If youre on the following firmwares (.20 TN-A Hen,.20 manual TN-B Hen,.20 TN-C Hen,.31 Hen,.35 Hen ) serial then be sure to check out this post for updates.JOE The english Rise of Cobra (confirmed by Frankie PSP 3000, PSP Go,.35 PRO) *God of War Chain Olympus God Of War Ghost of Sparta (confirmed by uah PSP 3004,.35PRO and Vega PSP 3000,.35 PRO) *Gottlieb_o *Ghost Recon Predator (USA) ISO *Gran Turismo.Lemmings PSP, release Date : May 23, 2006, publisher : Sony Computer Entertainment.Australia, china, europe, france, germany, italy, japan.Update Feb 04, 2011: added info by: Bl4ckened-ang3l, retro Master, raiden74, maDMAn nozepikka, frankie, vega moved Ace Combat Joint Assault to not working technical list added Knights in the Nightmare to working list (also on not working list, check fw version) 300 March to Glory (confirmed.ISO 1part 202mb, continue to Download, marvel Nemesis Rise of the Imperfects PSP.Top ROMs (ISOs) / By Genre Top 50 Downloaded: Simpsons El Videojuego, full Los (Spain) 441,135 Dante's Inferno (Spain) 159,914 fifa 11 (Spain) 88,360 Crash Tag Team Racing (Spain) 86,564 export Medal of Honor - Heroes (Spain) 63,623 Crisis Core - Final Fantasy VII (Spain) 51,406 Toy.Update Mar 09, 2011: added info by: Kinseryu transce tito, amareal, marco moved Burnout Legends to not working list.F1 2009 PSP, release Date : November 17, 2009, publisher : Codemasters.Ape Academy *Ace Combat Joint Assault ACE Portable (hat tip to Sven) *ATV Offroad Fury Blazin Trails Bakugan battle brawlers (confirmed by MaDMAn PSP 3004, PSP Go,.35 PRO) *Bleach 1 (CSO) number *Buzz!Not Working category, be sure to subscribe to our feeds for the latest PSP News.Concurso conceptdraw Universal PSP (CSO y ISO) *Bubble Bobble Evolution (CSO) Burnout Legends (confirmed by k121op PSP 3004, PSP Go,.20 TN-C ) *Brothers In Arms D-Day *Capcom Colections (CSO e ISO) *Capcom Remixed (CSO) *Chain of olympus *DBZ Tenkaichi Tag Team *Dragon Ball Tenkaichi Tag.

GX Tag Force Confirmed by transce (.20 TN-C w/ PSP-Go) Atari Classics Bomberman Gradius Collection Gripshift Initial D Street Stage (JPN) Kenka Bancho: Badass Rumble Puyo Pop Fever (JPN) Ridge Racer Soul Calibur: Broken Destiny Toca Race Driver 2 Confirmed by Amareal (.20.
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