John demonstrates how to establish an easy workflow in Painter by using a Wacom tablet, and he explains how to create, edit, training and publish projects.
Introducing tablets: painter Intuos3 and Intuos4 painter 8:06.5.
Alluring woman with painter flowers 14 JPG max dpi 158.Painting, cloning, selections, shapes, scripts, image Hose, dynamic Plugins.Nondestructive Layer Painting The photo as wet oil essential paint 6:47.1 MB Cloning the canvas and building detail with multiple layers 11:57.7.Customizing your Wacom tablet: part 2 essential 9:25.3.Click a play button below to view a free training video. Mixing color in the Mixer palette portable 10:41.0.
Corel Painter Essentials 4, corel Painter Essentials 3, realBristle l l.Sizing image resolution for output 6:16.5.Understanding the six axes of motion 3:19.0.Using the Tool palette and Property bar 6:41.8.The Brush Selector bar: an art game store in a palette 4:02.9.Customizing Painter Setting preferences 7:37.4 MB Customizing keyboard shortcuts 5:05.1 MB Saving and restoring twins palette layouts corel 4:03.1 MB Creating custom palettes 3:36.0 MB Accessing favorite brushes using the Tracker palette 5:55.5 MB Organizing custom workspaces 7:09.0.Learn disney Corel Painter 11 (in only 7 hours watch these professional training videos at your convenience.Using the Pick Up Underlying Color control 4:36.8.Making game polygonal selections 2:51.4.Billboards and banners in vector 25 only corel Eps Jpeg Preview 141.Painter and Photoshop Using each application for its strengths 4:24.0 MB Working with Photoshop's PSD file format in Painter and Photoshop 4:52.0 MB Configuring color management 8:31.0.M - Painter 11 Essential Training with John Derry.Customizing your Wacom tablet: part 1 4:57.5.The Wacom Tablet: A Must-Have Item.