Key Features: The Brainstorming module Outline view Over 1300 mindmap pre-drawn shapes Multi-Page Maps Support for popular file formats: BMP, jpeg, GIF, tiff, conceptdraw PNG, TGA, mindmap EMF, pict, EPS, html.
Multi-Page Maps, multiple pages preview with possibility to navigate between mindmap pages and documents.
What's new in ConceptDraw MindMap : The major update is focused on the integration mindmap of mind mapping and task mindmap management to get things done efficiently for any-type projects, workflows, and goals.
New Pin tool lets you freeze elements on the mind map.MindManager Import, mS Outlook mindmap task list export/import, spell Checker.ConceptDraw mindmap 5 is the program, that helps you to present ideas in the form, closest to the way the human brain works.New, integration conceptdraw with MS Outlook and Apple Mail.Higher resolution symbols for improved quality.Improved internal presentation mode from mind map. Can help you come up with new ideas and put them to good use.
ConceptDraw mindmap 4 has extended capabilities for creating web sites and PowerPoint presentations.
Mind mapping tool that aids you structure your ideas easier.Export to PDF Import/export to MS PowerPoint Import from MS Outlook Text notes Arrange and Sort Tools Spell Checker The Format Map dialog to change the style of entire map shape, colour and width of lines, text attributes Support for Windows and Macintosh.There are many updates to ConceptDraw mindmap 8; here youcam are a few of the product enhancements.Vector drawing tools, mindmap the Brainstorming module, topics youcam support project task information: duration, resources and percent completed.Using boundaries is helpful when you want to focus the viewer's attention drama on conceptdraw a particular segment of the mind map.ConceptDraw MindMap includes a module specifically designed for brainstorming sessions that ensures every idea games brought up by a team member is not lost.This software utilizes the Mind Mapping theory, used by over 250 mindmap mindmap million people world-wide.ConceptDraw mindmap 8 has integration with MS Outlook.New E-mail type topics can be sent to MS Outlook from ConceptDraw mindmap.

The application also offers extensive importing capabilities, as data from various types of documents, including Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Project files can be imported.
Read the full changelog, conceptDraw MindMap is an integral part of the.
The project data can be updated at conceptdraw mindmap pro 5 mac any time, even while a presentation is taking place.