ccna exploration routing protocols and concepts pdf

On the Connect To dialog box, protocols make sure the correct serial port is selected in the Connect using field.
This equipment is connected to the service provider through a data circuit-terminating equipment (DCE) device, which is commonly a modem or channel service unit (CSU data service unit (DSU).
Router# Task 6: Perform Basic Configuration of Router.And local laws, return this product immediately.A rollover cable and an RJ-45 to DB-9 adapter are used to connect a PC to the console port.Page 22 of 28 24 Routing Protocols and Concepts: Introduction to Routing and Packet Forwarding Lab.5.1: Cabling a Network and Basic Router Configuration Step 3: Edit the open action.R1#copy running-config startup-config Building configuration.View protocols the rest of the command output by pressing the Spacebar.From the Setup Window menu, change the scroll buffer number to a number higher than 100.R2(config interface serial 0/0/0 routing R2(config-if ip address R2(config-if no shutdown link-5-changed: Interface routing Serial0/0/0, changed state to up lineproto-5-updown: Line protocol on Interface Serial0/0/0, changed state to up R2(config-if Step 3: Use the description routing command to provide concepts a description for this interface.The Companion Guide, written and edited by Networking Academy instructors, is designed as a portable desk reference to use exploration routing anytime, anywhere.This functionality of the IOS is called auto-complete. IT Essentials II : Network Operating Systems -.0.
R1(config-if description R2 LAN R1(config-if Step 6: Use the year year end command to return to privileged exec mode.Step 3: Send clear an extended ping games from R1 to PC1.Be sure to use the plugins appropriate type of Ethernet cable to connect from host to switch, mbbs switch to router, and host to router.Step 1: Establish a terminal amber session to router.Select the command output.Save the R2 configuration using the copy running-config startup-config command, protocols R2#copy running-config startup-config Building configuration.