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Charting edit On keys the week ending November 6, 2010, "Tighten Up" debuted at number 93 on the Billboard Hot 100.
He climbs up on the playground and goes in to kiss her black but black then he opens his eyes to realize Carney's son has lured her away.The official music video won the 2010 MTV Video Music Award for keys Breakthrough Video, 13 and it appears on Pitchfork 's top music videos of 2010.Sick for days, so many ways."Tighten Up" 3:30 "Howlin' for You" 3:11 22 Personnel edit The Black Keys Additional musicians Technical personnel Tchad Blake mixing Danger Mouse at The Bunker, Brooklyn, NY production keys Brian Lucey at Magic Garden keys Mastering mastering Mark Neil at Muscle Shoals Sound Studio engineering and production."The Black Keys Chart History (Hot 100. Living just to manual keep going.
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