"Since the introduction of aida our first diagnostic utility asmdemo in 1995, we have built a passionate community of hobby users, hardware enthusiasts, and professional overclockers.
Windows Server 2008, windows 7, windows Server 2008 aida R2, windows.
Socket FM2 motherboards support, support portable for VirtualBox.2 extreme and VMware Workstation.
And SSE instructions to unlock the full potential of modern multi-core Intel and AMD processors.Today announced the immediate availability of aida64 Extreme Edition.70 software, a streamlined diagnostic and benchmarking tool for home users; and the immediate availability of aida64 Business Edition.70 software, an essential edition network management solution for small and medium scale full enterprises.Processor: Intel Pentium or later, system memory: 32 MB or more.Supercopier, freeware, enjoy faster, more convenient file copies with this useful Windows shell extension.And a handy Licences page is even able extreme to display product keys for many supported programs, useful as an easy way to back these.FinalWire Unveils aida64 budapest, Hungary - October 06, 2010 - FinalWire Ltd.DSynchronize.44.29, freeware, quickly synchronise files between two locations. GPU-Z.23.0, freeware, easily monitor your GPU load, temperature, fan speed and more).
GPU information for pure nvidia GeForce RTX 2070 Super (TU104).
Samsung 840 and 840 Pro SSD support.
Budapest, Hungary - October 29, 2012 pure - FinalWire Ltd.Please note, the trial version of aida64 obscures some information in its reports.For terms pure and conditions, visit m/free-upgrade-aida64.All aida64 processor benchmarks are now fully ported office to pure 64-bit, scale up to 32 processor cores, and utilize MMX, 3DNow!What is the difference between aida64 Extreme Edition and aida64 Business Edition?The new aida64 release also implements full roland support for Socket FM2 motherboards, adds optimized 64-bit benchmarks for AMD FX-Series Vishera processors, and supports the latest GeForce and Quadro graphics accelerators by nvidia.New features improvements, finalWire Releases aida64.70, revamped CPU Benchmarks and AMD Vishera Processor Support.Improved stress testing, alerting and hardware monitoring features The popular System Stability Test module is now ported to 64-bit to put the most demanding workload on both the system memory and all available CPU cores.The program is able pure to tell you a great deal about your PCs hardware, for instance, without you having to open the case.

Astra32.40, function Limited Demo, get aida64 extreme edition portable full the low-down on every aspect of your PCs hardware and software with this in-depth system information tool.
Aida64 Extreme Edition is for home use.
It can also tell you about your current Windows installation, running processes, system drivers, services and more.