A 32-bit process cannot load a 64-bit library and vice versa.
Error -1012 when connecting to 32-bit Oracle client database client with windows a 64-bit DataServer for Oracle product.
Scope resolution in oracle this case means the kernel looking in the directory of that executable, and if the DLL oracle is not found there, working through the directories in the, pATH in order to find the DLL.
Article Number, environment, product: OpenEdge, versions:.x,.x, oS: All Supported windows Operating Systems.Error Message, client oracle error -1012 see "oracle Error Messages and Codes Manual".Checking Oracle client software: There are three methods for checking the Oracle client software.(1252) * not logged on, failed to connect to oracle database.So there could be registry nuances client to setting up the Oracle environment for Oracle clients.But within the 32bit (or 64bit) environment, only a single version of a DLL with that name can be loaded into kernel memory - and all processes referencing that DLL will use the exact same loaded copy in memory. Unable component to load shared library daily error (14945) is displayed in the dameware dataserv.
Unable to load shared library.With 32bit and 64bit, this should not be an daily issue - as the DLLs are usually named in such a way that there are no name collissions.Then increase the environment's complexity (e.g.Windows has the eggs-in-a-single-basket configuration repository called the registry.Steps to Reproduce, clarifying Information, oracle rdbms or client pack is installed on the same system as the OpenEdge DataServer for Oracle release returning the errors.Last time I ran Oracle on Windows was with Oracle.1 and that was simply to see how it looks like.We have developed a client server application using Oracle.g in a biggest Hospital in Greece about 400 users sniper (Delphi5 and odac.9) this is working fantastic.Install a 32-bit version sniper of the Oracle client libraries.In cases where you have a 32-bit on a 64-bit PC, you can check in installation directory to see of the PC client installation is 32 or 64 bit.Resolution, option #1, install Oracle client software of the same bit-level as the DataServer product,.g.Question: I want to know of my installation of an Oracle client is 32 bit or 64 bit. .Evangelos Bekyros, Executive Manager of Pefki Software Company.This can obviously cause issues.Error -1012 when connecting to 64-bit Oracle database with a 32-bit DataServer for Oracle product.Oracle's client driver (OCI DLL) needs to be loaded by pack the kernel, when an executable references that library (either statically or dynamically).